Aylin Livaneli Attended High School in Paris

January 19th, 2012 - Posted by Admin

Aylin Livaneli attended high school in Paris, France. Soon after graduating she jetted off to New York University, where she studied English Literature. She later obtained a degree in Politics and International Relations from the London School of Economics.

After finishing with school and obtaining her degrees, Aylin Livaneli began a successful career as a musician and quickly became a teen pop sensation in one of the largest population centers in Europe, Turkey. She wrote five albums during this timeā€”all while working as an intern, production assistant, and production coordinator for the family’s entertainment company, called Interfilm. Aylin Livaneli was quite central to the company and was involved in the development of many of the productions. She was, additionally, the co-producer and co-host of a popular television show called Coke’n’Roll, which was sponsored by Coca Cola.

Aylin Livaneli eventually quit her career in music and focused on the entertainment industry, writing reviews and news for major newspapers and magazines all over Turkey. Additionally, she formed a music label called Ida Music Ltd. She also join with the President of Imaj Productions to form a company called Film Factory Entertainment Corporation. She would later re-form the family’s company, calling it Interfilm Media & Entertainment.

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